How to Play the Blackjack Split

Though many players view blackjack as a simple game that is easily played at home, in a casino or on the web, there are several rules that are not always completely understood. The blackjack split is one of these, and this article will discuss how and when it should be used.

When the Split is Legal

Before following the advice found here, players at gamcare should keep in mind that all casinos--whether online or land-based--reserve the right to set their own rules regarding the split. This means that while a split may actually help a player when it comes to employing a strategy, it is of no use whatsoever if a particular casino does not allow it. Splits are allowed in the majority of online casinos, though the rules for when and how they can happen may fluctuate.

Auto Play vs. Manual Play

Something else that players game selection should consider when learning blackjack is whether or not they should use the Auto Play feature. Though this can prevent people from making silly mistakes such as clicking the wrong button or failing to place the correct bet, it also hinders the player's ability to use certain strategies at will. Some Auto Play features will take splitting into consideration, but many simply do not. For the best results, players should always play the game manually until they are familiar with the game.


When a player chooses to split in Blackjack , they are essentially trading one hand for two in hopes of creating at least one strong hand out of one very poor hand. There are strategies for splitting, such as always splitting Aces and eights and never splitting 10s, fours, fives and other pairs unless the dealer is high ranked, but everyone's play style will vary. The best thing to do is to play around with the rules in a free game before employing the split technique in a paid game.

Splitting in blackjack, when allowed, is a great way to ensure that a poor hand is not the end of the game. Depending on the casino rules and the cards in the player's hand, splitting can certainly help, but it can sometimes hinder--especially if the player is unfamiliar with the game.